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Laser Eye Surgery How To Choose A Clinic That is Right For You

Deciding to undergo laser eye surgery is a significant decision that could change your life. Once you had chosen to do so, finding the right clinic is the next crucial step. After all, your eyesight is one of your most valuable senses. Taking time to browse on laser eye surgery reviews to get ideas is a wise step to take on.

Preparing your finances is also a wise move for you. A typical laser eye surgery may cost a substantial amount; thus if you are unsure, it’s better not to proceed. There more concerns that you have to consider when identifying a credible eye center. To effectively do this, here are some of the useful tips that you can take.

  1. Look For Credible Recommendations

Looking for reliable and trustworthy reviews from people you know or from a mutual connection is a smart move. If you already have a specific hospital or clinic to do your surgery, asking their previous patients will also help you. Although good online write-ups is a good indication, you should not depend on it and gather information from different people personally.

  1. Surgery and Miscellaneous Fees

You should check on your finances in determining which clinic to choose as well. Different clinics offer various prices on their treatment fees; however, quality should never be compromised. Be wise and always prioritize the quality of service before the cost.

  1. Records and History

Try also to check the clinic’s records to determine their credibility and quality of service. To do so, look for the list of the doctors who do eye surgery operations, their experiences and background.

  • Doctor’s Background and Experiences

You may check the list of the doctors who provide eye surgery services in the clinic or hospital you are eyeing. To do this, you may check the doctor’s experiences, as well as their knowledge in current technologies. This is to determine how competent and knowledgeable the doctor you are going to entrust your eyes to.

  • Doctor’s Rank and Reputation

The doctor’s reputation contributes to their capacity in the field of study. So does the doctor’s success rates and memberships to professional societies. Knowing if a doctor is a member of networks which is dedicated to the research and practice of ophthalmology ensures you that you chose the best. Furthermore, the percentage of success rates in their operation is another thing that you should look upon.

  • Doctor’s Credentials

A qualified and competent surgeon has the necessary qualities and credentials needed to perform a surgery. Make sure to check beforehand that your doctor has the appropriate credentials and has an ABO certification. ABO or the American Board of Opticianry certification is the only one recognized by the American Medical Association.


  1. Postoperative Care

You should know about the aftercare that they can provide for you. There are different postoperative care, depending on the type of surgery you had gone through. You can openly ask more about this to your doctor or the clinic to fully realize and outline your expectations.


These are the possible procedures to give you an idea of what might happen:

  • Initial Postoperative Care

You are not allowed to go back home right after your treatment until you are capable of doing so. You should never drive yourself home; thus, make sure that you have a guardian to do those things for you.

  • During the First Two Days

During this period, you are not allowed to take a shower, and you’re not allowed to go to work. You are also required to do follow-up exams to determine and assess your conditions. Typically, patients can get back to the old track after a couple of days; however, it is preferred to wait until the full week.

  • After A Month

It is advisable to wait at least a month before going to a sauna or overly-hot rooms. The longer you can wait, the lesser complications you may encounter.

After your surgery, the list of the things which you are not allowed to do is quite long. To prepare your body and mind, here are some of it:

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  2. Avoid getting soap in your eyes
  3. No water should be allowed to touch your eyes (at least a week after surgery)
  4. No swimming is allowed (at least ten days after the surgery)
  5. No makeup is allowed (at least one week)
  6. No hair color or hair permed allowed (at least ten days after the surgery)
  7. No exercise is permitted (at least two days after the surgery)
  8. No direct contact with the sun (at least 12 months after surgery)

The Bottom Line

The goal of finding the right clinic for you is to make sure that you’re in good hands. Surgeries can be intimidating, thus, utmost trust towards the people who will handle the operation is needed. If you don’t trust your doctor’s abilities or if you have suspicions on your clinic’s credibility, it will affect you severely. Hence, do your part in gathering all the information you need until you can afford to give the necessary trust.

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Original Date: April 1 2019

Written by: Asheley Rice