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Is Somebody My Age Right For LASIK?

Lasik surgery has an interesting reputation amongst patients who may considering taking the plunge. Plenty of patients have gone through the surgery with nothing but praise for the procedure, but the possibility of something going horribly wrong always seems to persist in the minds of those still considering it. One question asked often is the right age – or rather- what age is considered too old.

In The Monitor article (, the author explains how essentially no age is to be considered “too old” for the surgery. The author dives into the process of Lasik itself and how different ages can be affected, and the pros and cons of such a surgery on any patient. Lastly, the author describes some conditions under which Lasik may not be a viable option. The best advice is to schedule a consultation with a Lasik surgeon that can help determine if you are a candidate or not for Lasik surgery to know for sure in your own personal situation.

Despite some personal experiences Lasik has and is currently a great option for anybody over 18 who wishes to better their vision and ditch those glasses or contact lenses, and even those older patients shouldn’t turn themselves away from the procedure.