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Dry Eye Facts On LASIK

LASIK has been a procedure that has been around for very a long time but still surrounded information that sometimes are far from facts. There are certain beliefs about the correlation of LASIK surgery and dry eye conditions that simply do not stand true in recent studies. A few of these beliefs that were shown to have different outcomes during the study include that dry eye present before LASIK will worsen but in recent study, dry eye that was present before LASIK surgery has tended to improved in many patients. Another belief is women are much more likely to get bad dry eye after LASIK but new studies show that gender has only a small differnce in the effects of dry eye after a LASIK procedure. The last main belief people have thought true on dry eye after lasik was that PRK is better option for patients with dry eye conditions. Interestingly, new studies show that 3 months after surgery that patients who had PRK report more symtoms of dry eye than those who has LASIK.  To read more on this case study and its findings on LASIK and affects on dry eye you can read: