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Cataract Surgery Recovery Time

You’ve left the doctor’s office, and are feeling good after your cataract surgery. In most cases, recovery will be quick and painless. You’ll want to quickly get back into your old routine. But keep in mind that you have had eye surgery. This means that taking care of your eyes for the next few days after the surgery is critical for the best possible outcome.Here is a checklist of things you should keep in mind after your cataract surgery:

1. Follow the Doctor’s instructions

This is the most important thing to remember. Dr. Rohr will give you a list of instructions to follow after your Cataract surgery, including protecting the eye from bright lights, which eye drops to use (or not use), how often to use the drops, and more. Pay special attention to the doctor’s instructions and follow them exactly, no matter how good your eye feels over the next few days.

2. Give yourself time to heal

After surgery, your eye will take time to heal. During that time you may experience cloudy, distorted or even blurry vision. Your eye may be red or appear bloodshot. All this is a normal part of the healing process.It is also possible that several hours after surgery, your eye will feel great and your vision will be perfectly normal. Congratulations! However, this does not mean you should not continue to follow Doctor Rohr’s instructions exactly. Otherwise, you could experience a setback in the healing process.The follow-up visit with Dr. Rohr is the time you should report any problems you are having with your eye. However, if you experience any sudden painfulness, or if you accidently injure your eye, you should call the doctor’s office immediately.

3. Cataract surgery recovery time off work

How long you should wait to return to work will depend on the type of job you do. If you are an office worker, you could return to work sooner than if you have a job that requires heavy lifting, or if you work in an area with increased risk of infection to the eye. The best answer is to discuss your occupation with Dr. Rohr before cataract surgery. He will be able to give you a range so that you can arrange the cataract surgery recovery time off work with your employer.Every patient heals differently, but in general, most can return to work in 1-2 days. If your job forces you to be exposed to eye irritants or heavy lifting, ask the doctor about a medical restriction. The most important thing to protect during recovery is your vision.