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September 2020

Laser Treatment Success in Glaucoma Patients Discovered by Researchers

August 2020

Saints QB Jameis Winston Opts for LASIK Eye Surgery

PRK vs. LASIK Eye Surgery: What is the Difference?

May 2020

Thin Cornea Treatment Options

April 2020

Bionic Eyes, Lenses, and Mechanical Eye Implants is the Future Technology in Eyesight

Improving Your Vision after Cataract Surgery

What to Expect Before, During, and After LASIK Surgery

March 2020

Precision LASIK Surgery with Biomechanical Analysis

What to Think About Before LASIK

February 2020

Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

The Truth About Cataracts

Post-Op Cataract Hypertension

January 2020

Concerns of Idaho Laser Eye Surgery Requirements

How Expensive Is LASIK?

A Look at LASIK Pros and Cons 20 Years Later

December 2019

Cataract Surgery For Wild Snow Leopard

First All-Laser LASIK in new Southern Utah Surgery Center

November 2019

Americans Avoiding Eye Care More Frequently in The Digital World


Secondary Cataract Risks

Staying Safe: The Important Benefits of Having Cataract Surgery

September 2019

A Personal Experience With LASIK

Living With Cataracts

Are Glasses or Contacts Bothering You?

August 2019

Exploring the Possibilities for Laser Vision Correction

Eye Exams 101

Is Somebody My Age Right For LASIK?

Being a Candidate For LASIK

July 2019

Always Prepared, No Matter the Circumstances in Cataract Surgery

Getting Answers To Top Questions in LASIK

Preparing for Cataract Surgery

June 2019

Knowing the Facts about LASIK

Common Causes and Treatment Of Cataracts

May 2019

2019 Facts About LASIK and LASEK

Dry Eye Facts On LASIK

A Bright Future For Lasik

April 2019

Springtime in Michigan Is the Perfect Time For LASIK

Laser Eye Surgery How To Choose A Clinic That is Right For You

March 2019

A LASIK Overview

When Should I Have LASIK Performed?

Preventing Complications With Proper Care After LASIK

Is Laser Eye Surgery The Best Solution To Correct Your Vision?

February 2019

Lasik vs Contacts For Correcting Vision

Common Myths about Cataracts

Warning Signs Of Cataracts

Considering Lasik eye surgery? What you should know

January 2019

Do the Benefits of Glaucoma Surgery Outweigh the Risks?

Is LASIK Right for You?

Answering Questions Common to LASIK Surgery

What Should I Expect at My LASIK Consultation?

Everything You Need to Know About LASIK Eye Surgery

Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help

December 2018

A Comprehensive Look at Refractive and Laser Eye Surgery

Eye surgery options to correct your vision

How Exactly Is My Cataract Going to Be Removed?

Liberated from a life of glasses: How laser surgery changes lives

LASIK or LASEK eye surgery: whats the difference and whats best for me

November 2018

LASIK: A Popular Laser Eye Surgery MethodBenefits of LASIK

Get cataract surgery done right

Coping With Cataracts

Why I decided to have laser eye surgery to correct my eyesight

The Increasing Popularity Of LASIK SurgeryLiving An Active Lifestyle

Senior Life: Considering cataract surgery? Here's what you should know

Recovery After Lasik: What to Expect

How to Utilize Eye Drops Effectively After LASIK

October 2018

Q + A: LASIK surgery

Recovering from Cataract Surgery

An Overview on Cataracts

Factors to consider before getting Glasses, Contacts, or LASIK?

Myopia – Nearsightedness

Is LASIK eye surgery right for you?

Vision Correction Surgery: What You Should Know About Cataract Surgery

Improve your vision with laser precision

August 2018

Is LASIK an Option When You Are Over 40?

Understanding Cataracts and How They Affect Your Vision

Good News For The LASIK Industry

July 2018

Eye Corrective Surgery This Summer Season

Using Lasik to mend astigmatism

June 2018

Can Surgery Repair Your Cataracts?

May 2018

Patient age, corneal thickness need to be considered in laser eye surgery

Avoid Lasik side effects

Increasing Freedom After LASIK Eye Surgery

Visual impairment - How to improve your vision

Can Surgery Fix an Astigmatism?

Glaucoma is painless and can go unnoticed

5 Ways LASIK Can Improve Your Quality of Life

14 Things I Learned When Getting LASIK Eye Surgery

April 2018

Differences Between LASIK and PRK

Why Rubbing Your Eyes Is Making You Look Old and Tired

The Do's and Don’ts of LASIK Eye Surgery

Eye-opening facts on cataract surgery

Guidelines To Follow In Order To Qualify For LASIK

How Long Does LASIK Last?

Improving Eyesight One LASIK Surgery at a Time

Remembering the first laser vision correction procedure on its 30th anniversary

March 2018

What to Expect After LASIK?

Which Type of Laser Surgery is Best for You?

Thoughts On This New Technology?

Four Common Types of Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery Market Highlights | Industry Dynamics | Business Overview | Iconic Revenue and 2022 Insight

How does PRK laser eye surgery differ from LASIK?

Anthem Says Eye Surgeons Should Monitor Cataract Anesthesia Themselves

Can I Have Lasik Eye Surgery If I Have an Astigmatism?

February 2018

Why I changed what I tell patients about refractive surgery

What is Myopia and What are the Correction Options?

Too Young for LASIK? Children can use a Contact Lens Alternative.

Is LASIK Safe For Seniors?

Thinking of having laser eye surgery?

What is Hyperopia and What Are the Correction Options?

The Latest Laser Eye Surgery Innovation Shaking Up The Health Industry - And Anyone Can Do It

This Is What Happens In Laser Eye Surgery

January 2018

Understanding Cataracts and Getting Treatment

Tips To Improve Healing Time after Cataract Surgery

Study shows good results for LASIK retreatment in hyperopic eyes

Five Facts You Never Knew About Cataract Surgery

Do not let glaucoma stealthily steal your sight

Things to know Before Choosing a Cataract Surgeon

LASIK Surgery Now Extremely Effective for Astigmatism

December 2017

Dr. Oz: Cataract surgery and the elderly

Local woman’s eyesight saved by laser surgery

New laser surgery to get blue eyes emerging

Are You Ready For Laser Vision Correction Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery: All you need to know!

November 2017

Cataract Surgery Procedure and What to Expect

Reasons Why a Yearly Eye Exam Are a Good Idea?

Newcastle scientists eye-up cornea 'breakthrough'

What Is There To Know About Cataract Surgery?

The ABC’s of Cataracts

SMC unveils next-generation refractive surgery

A Guide to LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery

An Eye Scan for Alzheimer’s Disease?

October 2017

Reducing risk for eye stroke

Dyslexia link to eye spots confusing brain, say scientists

Coloured contact lenses WARNING: Shock reason you shouldn’t opt for them this Halloween

September 2017

How to know you're getting a good laser eye surgeon

Learning About Cataracts

4 reasons to consider LASIK

All you need to know about LASIK surgery

A clear explanation of cataracts, treatment

August 2017


New laser procedure for dry eye patients

Learning About Lasik Eye Surgery

Laser treatment reduces eye floaters

Doctor finds 27 contact lenses lost in woman’s eye, British Medical Journal reports

How to Prepare For Lasik Eye Surgery

What are the Newest Laser Vision Correction Options?

July 2017

Lasik Eye Surgery Over 40

Is LASIK Worth $5,000?

December 2016

Study: People Who Choose LASIK After Contact Lenses Are More Satisfied with Their Vision and Remain Satisfied Over Time

September 2016

Are Annual Eye Exams Necessary?

Introducing Our Latest Technology

October 2015

Eye Health Tips

Adult Vision : 19 to 40 Years of Age

September 2015

Adult Vision: 41 to 60 Years of Age

Are Annual Eye Exams Really Necessary?

August 2015

Facts About Glaucoma

July 2015

When Should an Individual Have Cataract Surgery

Computer Use and Eyestrain

May 2015

Summer UV Eye Safety

April 2015

Research Uncovers Link between Dehydration and Dry Eye

March 2015

LASIK vs LASEK Eye Surgery Compared

February 2015

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Laser Eye Surgery Follow Up Care Critical for Success

Michigan LASIK YAG Laser Eye Surgery

January 2015

Best Laser Eye Surgery in Michigan

LASIK vs PRK Eye Surgery Compared

December 2014

What is the Best Age to Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

How Safe is Cataract Surgery?

Is Lasik Surgery Safer than Contacts?

November 2014

Cheap Lasik Surgery Comes at a Price

October 2014

Lasik Eye Surgery In Michigan

Experts Agree: LASIK Surgery is Safe

September 2014

Cataract Surgery Recovery Time

Nutritional Supplements to Promote Eye Health

June 2014

Considering Lasik Eye Surgery?

A Guide To Understanding Your Eyes

May 2014

Did You Know That Rohr Eye & Laser Center Offers Specials?

Different Types of Corrective Eye Surgery

More On Blepharoplasty

Is it possible to prevent cataracts?

Living Life Without The Hassle Of Glasses Or Contact Lens

April 2014

LASIK eye surgery safe in long-term, experts say

February 2014

Study: LASIK in eyes with thin corneas safe, effective

Seeing Straight When Choosing An Eye Surgeon